Mining customers depend on ITT Engineered Valves for the manufacture and fabrication of engineered valves with specific expertise in slurry applications.  


In power plants around the world, you’ll find ITT valves in every phase of water movement, from boiler to condenser.  


ITT has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and performance by providing products from standard forged valves to the most innovative block technology.  


With an established track record of increasing reliability, reducing downtime, and focusing on safety; ITT is a trusted name for the most critical applications in the industry.  

General Industry

ITT provides valve solutions for a wide range of applications such as steel production, pickling, plating, water and wastewater treatment, demineralized water systems, cement and grain conveying.

Pulp & Paper

More than 50 years of experience manufacturing valves designed specifically for pulp mill application.

Oil Sands

Unique challenges are placed on the valve technologies used in the Oil Sands processes. ITT meets those challenges with knife gate valves specifically designed for these applications.


Engineered Valves has a proven record of performance for many years in a variety of nuclear services from radwaste systems to nuclear off-gas treatment.  


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