By Valve Type

Industrial Diaphragm Valve / Actuation

Advantage Actuator

The Advantage is a diaphragm driven, compact, lightweight actuator designed to meet the stringent...

Dia-Flo Chainwheel Operated

Uses standard sprocket rim, guide and chain.  Available ½” – 12” for weir or straightway diaphrag...

Dia-Flo Direct Loaded Bonnet

An economic approach to automatic on-off operation. Ideal for multi-valve panel operation of batc...

Dia-Flo Extended Stem

Available in all sizes.  No available with solid plastic bodies. 

Dia-Flo Handwheel

Ergonomic design for ease of operation on manual valves

Dia-Flo Handwheel Locking Device

Secures valve in position so that it may not be operated unless unlocked and disengaged

Dia-Flo Pneumatic Actuator

Dia-Flo pneumatic actuators are rugged, durable and long lasting. Properly maintained, a service ...