Hurricane Emergency Support

Hurricane Emergency Support

The rain, wind and flooding that accompanied the recent hurricanes in the USA have left devastating damage. Many people are continuing the difficult task of surveying damage to houses and personal belongings. Businesses, plants and manufacturing facilities, including many of our customers, continue to experience service outages, pump and machinery failures and unexpected and prolonged downtime.

We know you need to get back online quickly. When you need help with your most important rotating equipment, you can count on our local service centers and mobile support crews. We are committed to providing the service and support your facility needs now and in the future.

  ITT Goulds Pumps Authorized Distributors

Facility Location     Tel
Engineered Parts & Services Inc     787-883-8880
  ITT Engineered Valves Facilities
Facility Locations Tel
Lancaster, PA 717-509-2200
Amory, MS 662-256-7185
  ITT Engineered Valves Distributors
Facility Locations Tel
Indusa, Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico 787-723-3450
Servimetal, Caguas, Puerto Rico 787-653-2160
OEM Parts: We are an OEM parts supplier for:
  • Pure-Flo hygienic diaphragm valves
  • Dia-Flo diaphragm valves
  • Cam-Line ball valves
  • Cam-Tite ball valves
  • Fabri-Valve knife gate valves
  • Skotch burner shut-off valves
  • Goulds Pumps

Replacement Parts
We understand how downtime for your equipment costs you money in lost productivity and disrupted schedules. All ITT service parts meet our strict quality standards. Authentic ITT service parts are identical to those used in our valve production, giving you peace of mind that the part you receive will be equal to the part you are replacing.

Advantage Actuator Refurbishment
The ITT Pure-Flo pneumatic actuator refurbishment program combines our noted product quality and reliability with the outstanding value originally found in every Pure-Flo actuator. Our factory-trained specialists use an extensive process to review and inspect every Pure-Flo actuator accepted into our program, ensuring that damaged or worn components are replaced with new factory parts. A cost effective alternative to the replacement of actuators, this refurbishment program will provide the customer with a remanufactured actuator to original factory specifications at a reduced cost in comparison to a new actuator.
We repair and recondition ALL brands of pumps and rotating equipment, restoring them to
original specifications. No need to source different product specialists depending on the equipment needing repair. One call takes care of your service needs.

Field Services
ITT PRO Services’ Field Service engineers and technicians are experienced with servicing all
types of pumps and rotating equipment. Customers utilize Field Services for installation & commissioning, troubleshooting, and field repairs of pumps, pumping systems and other pieces of rotating equipment.