A Cut Above: How Customizable Knife Gate Valves are Improving Oil Sands Uptime

- as published in Hydrocarbon Engineering  Although oil sands mining is not new, the processes involved in oil sands mining and transport have evolved dramatically over the last few decades. ITT Engineered Valves has partnered with major industry players in the Canadian Oil Sands to develop customized solutions to meet growing demands for more resilient valves.

Selecting the Right Slurry Valve for the Job

Slurry valves have a critical role in optimizing the operating time of the processes in which they are employed. Select the right slurry valve for the application, and plants are able to experience extended uptimes that allow for increased production, contributing positively to the company’s bottom line.

Integrated Block Valves

Integrated block valves are critical from process to patient. Innovative designs can drastically reduce dead-leg, minimize hold-up volume, minimize product contact surface areas, improve drainability, and contribute to product recovery from process piping and systems.

Slurries: A Solid Change

There are a lot of slurry valve choices, but by understanding the application needs, carefully examining options available, and by considering total cost of ownership, you can find the right fit.

Valves in Flue Gas Desulfurization

One company discovered a valve that withstands the corrosive and abrasive conditions of wet limestone flue gas desulfurization.

Fabri-Valve Helps Water Works "Pig" Pipeline

ITT's Fabri-Valve knife gate valve helps the Utah Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. The gate of the valves fully retracts and provides an unrestricted full flow port, which allows the pig to pass through.

Fluoropolymer Selection for Corrosive Applications

Process engineers are faced with the decision of choosing the correct valve material for corrosive applications. The correct decision on what fluoropolymer material to use for your corrosive application begins with truly understanding all the parameters of your application.