General Industry

ITT Engineered Valves provides valve solutions for a wide range of general industry applications. Industrial diaphragm valves have been used to solve problems associated with corrosive, erosive and abrasive media in such industries as steel production, pickling, and plating. Diaphragm valves can be found in many applications in water and wastewater treatment, including chemical treatment, filtration, and sludge handling. Due to their versatility in body and diaphragm materials and economical cost, the industrial diaphragm valve has been the valve of choice for demineralized water systems for the past 40 years.
ITT's Fabri-Valve knife gate valves are utilized in many general industry services as well. From large diameter valves handling municipal waste water to custom designed valves for handling dry powder and pellets, the Fabri-Valve brand is known world-wide for its ability to be a problem solver. Applications in the cement, grain conveying, and steel industry are common for this product line.